Find the Beautiful in Your Backyard - Hemlock Creek, Ohio -Cleveland Metroparks

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Find the Beautiful in Your Backyard - Hemlock Creek, Ohio -Cleveland Metroparks

Here is the first of many more (paintings on site) to come, inspiring you to find the beautiful in your backyard. Here is Hemlock Creek, Ohio a part of the Cleveland Metroparks system. 

"Hemlock Creek Picnic Area is located off Button Road in Bedford Reservation, just east of Dunham Road in Walton Hills. This area includes a picnic shelter, hiking and bridle trails, a swing set and offers stunning views of both Hemlock Creek and Tinker's Creek." Cle.

My kids and I visit here all throughout the year. There are always beautiful wild flowers growing and we love to either take a dip in the creek or toss our hammocks up and rest.

It was the perfect place to start this art adventure.

I picked a peaceful location just past the picnic shelter to set up shop.

I just love my travel gear. The set up along with the tripod is a little heavy but worth it because it keeps my pochade box steady.

Hemlock Creek Cleveland Metroparks

Find the Beautiful in Your Backyard

It was truly serene to listen to the creek sounds and let them flow through me onto the canvas under a leafy, green, canopy of leaves. 

After only a couple hours of painting, it was completed.

Check out my first youtube video compilation of creating the entire painting on site.

Click here for the full Youtube video of the paintings creation. 

I am looking forward to a smoother video creation process and know that will come in time. I am thankful to have the first one done.

Visit here for the Cleveland Metroparks website for more information on this park. #findyourpath #findthebeautiful


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