Examples of Commissioned Paintings

Here are just a couple examples of original, completed, commissioned, oil paintings both on canvas.


Footprints 3' x 5' oil on canvas

Artist Rebecca Grantham, dedicating the painting to the clients with the date, signature and personal inscription.

(Read more about this painting ...click here)

Photo of completed commissioned painting installed above the mantle in the clients new home.Footprints 3' 5' Original Commissioned oil painting of the ocean, beach and footprints.

Siesta Keys Florida Vacation Beach 4' x 5' oil on canvas

Completed Siesta Keys Florida Painting 3' x 5' Oil on canvas

Reference photo provided by the client for the commission.Artist Rebecca Grantham creating Siesta Keys Florida Beach Painting.

Commissions are always a welcomed joy to complete. There is truly nothing better for me than to create an original piece of art work that brings happiness, beauty and love to someone else.

These are just two of the most recent commissions I have completed. Please email me at Rebecca @ findthebeautiful.com or through my contact page and we can work together to make something amazing, that as one client said "I will treasure the painting and pass it down through our family."

All it takes is a photo :)

<3 Rebecca