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I am very happy with the contest I ran to give away a set of Copic markers and happily surprised the main winner and 5 others with free a signed copy of the Cathartic Art Coloring book.

It is my joy to bring joy.

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Over 50 HAND DRAWN ARTISTIC PATTERNS TO COLOR From Fine Artist and Creator of Cathartic Art Courses and Find the Beautiful - Rebecca Van Houte.

Experience the Healing Power of Art & Nature

Do you feel like your negative emotions are controlling and ruining your days?

Do you feel like they are running rampant and you have no control over how you feel? Do you feel like you just can't let go of fear, stress or worry?

Have you been searching for a healthy way to relieve and overcome your negative emotions? If so, this adult coloring book is for you.

This adult coloring book encourages you to color with a purpose.

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Enter to Win a Brand New Set of Copic Markers. Click here to enter Tons of Ways to Earn Bonus Entries. Social Shares Follows Likes Download a Coloring Book Page Upload the Colored in Page

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  What's Your Element by Rebecca Van Houte   Cathartic Art. Experience the Healing Power of Art & Nature. This course is now available. You can enroll in one element, purchase a bundle of 3 or the entire experience of all 5 Elements. Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Spirit. WHO IS THIS EXPERIENCE FOR: This course is for anyone who is looking for a healthy outlet for their negative emotions.NO ARTISTIC EXPERIENCE NECESSARYYou will be guided through painting out your emotions on canvas utilizing the power of Nature.  Click Here to Learn More  

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The Cathartic themed pages encourage the coloring book enthusiast to write down their mantra in the rectangle before they color.

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