Waterfalling in Ohio - Brandywine Falls

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Waterfalling in Ohio - Brandywine Falls

 #waterfallwednesday experience live Waterfalling on snapchat @ ftbeautiful Brandywine Falls - located off Brandywine Rd, Northfield, OH 44067

Brandywine Falls Map OhioStandford Trail Sign Post Brandywine Falls, OhioBrandywine Falls in the Autumn Top View

(I have left many FTB rings throughout this hike, hoping to brighten some hikers day)

Waterfalling in Ohio - Brandywine Falls is a scenic waterfall cascading 65 ft. into a rich, lavish gorge, with viewpoints from both upper & lower boardwalks (The walk down to the lower deck is comprised of 70 wood steps and a few walkways under the rock croppings.)

Brandywine Falls

Brandywine Falls-  Rebecca Grantham © March 2017

Honestly, my family is spoiled living only 10 minutes away from this treasure in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. We have visited more times than I can count throughout all the varied weather that Northeast Ohio can throw at us. All year long and through all conditions, we make the hike around Brandywine Falls. It is a fairly easy and only a thigh burner on the way back around to the trailhead. It is refreshing and well worth viewing the falls and Brandywine creek from so many different scenic vantage points.

ON THIS particular day it was a fair 54° and we were certainly in the adventuring mood. The falls were raging and we made the trek. What's beautiful is every time you go you are greeted with new surprises. Being it was an early March day we had the place to ourselves I believe there was one car in the parking lot which on some picturesque days reaches capacity. We got some great shots from the top and after making our way down to the lower platform were able to safely get all the way down to the base.


Brandywine Falls Base View February 2017

Brandywine Falls Base View -  Rebecca Grantham © March 2017

Feeling the spray from the falls at the base and getting soaked was an amazing and invigorating experience.


Standing at the base of Brandywine FallsThe only route we haven't taken is directly upstream, crossing the shredder swimming area the local scouts have fun at in the Summer. We are well poised to complete this memorable meander this upcoming Spring or Summer, allowing us to capture additional memories, photo's and experiences.

<--This is the expression of invigorating joy on my son's face!

Safety First!

If you leisurely take this path plan on spending at least an hour to take in all the beauty.

*Note occasionally due to weather the lower deck is closed for safety during the Winter months.

Expect more seasonal updates. This adventure is, to be continued. 


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