Waterfalling in Ohio - Buttermilk Falls

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Waterfalling in Ohio - Buttermilk Falls

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Buttermilk Falls - located approx. 20 minutes on foot downstream from  Blue Hen Falls.

Buttermilk Falls Map Location

Absolutely worth the hike!

Buttermilk Falls February 8th 2017

If you are looking for a beautiful and rewarding hike I definitely recommend taking the time to adventure yourself to Buttermilk Falls to go waterfalling, located in Boston Township, Ohio

Day 1: Feb. 8th, 2017 54°

I first made the hike to Buttermilk Falls on February 8th, 2017 after hearing about it's existence from fellow nature lovers. It's a nice 20 minute hike one way past Blue Hen Falls   The trail is well worn but is not marked nor mentioned near the Blue Hen signage at the trail head and is why a lot of fellow waterfallers have trouble finding it or even hearing about it. Come to find out it is not listed anywhere in the cvnp maps because it is not officially a part of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park due to that fact that it is actually located on Boston Mills property. 

As I made my way down the path past Blue Hen Falls, I enjoyed the full forest and solitude. It was a mild February day, temps were in the 50s which made for a pleasant experience. 

You have to cross the stream a few times so I definitely recommend wearing waterproof over the ankle boots! I have a great pair of Merrell boots that stood the test of the icy frigid waters and mud.

Top view of Buttermilk Falls February 8th 2017 The stream was shallow and gently moving along.  After passing a nice clearing I heard the falls gentle rush before I could actually see it. Once upon it I was awed by the view. You can literally step into the stream and look down thru the gorge.

After taking a ton of photo's I made my way down to the bottom following an easy natural path. Once I rounded the bend I was rewarded again with a stunning view. I don't believe this stream ever gets very heavy. The steady flow of water trickling and dancing across the shale was breathtaking.

It was a serene moment and honestly, I could have stayed here all day. Inspiring, to say the least I wished I had had my painting gear with me or a book or a journal or something to express how much gratitude was oozing from my pores.



Buttermilk Falls
















Buttermilk Falls Day 2: The Next Day February 9th Temp 28° 

As they say in Cleveland wait 5 minutes and the weather will change.

All I have to say is as soon as I woke up and saw the snow blanketing the ground I threw my boots on and like a lover in love, I ran to be back by this waterfalls side.

It was the most amazingmagicalspiritualadventure I have had in a long time. Thankfully I had gone the day before because the path was covered in snow and I wouldn't have found my way because no one had headed out there yet. I saw three deer and honestly was in HEAVEN. I got some great pictures and stayed as long as I could. When I regretfully headed back it began to snow really hard and I experienced another moment of Heaven. Not a sound to be heard other than the snow gently falling to the ground.

Buttermilk Falls Ohio Winter 2017

This hike gets a 10 out of 10 for me! and I can't wait to go back!

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