2nd NFT  (()5|\/|1( 574|2|>|_|57

Meditation, NFT -

2nd NFT (()5|\/|1( 574|2|>|_|57


 (()5|\/|1( 574|2|>|_|57

A star crossed, time travelling, meteorite of a painting.

Oil on Canvas

Measuring 30" x 24"

Made of the energy that creates worlds.


I am very excited to share some new NEW art work with you. I can’t remember the last time I made a painting that didn’t have some direct foundation to do with Nature. After getting some wonderful help in the form of a guided, energy, meditation hypnosis session from whynothypnosis with the intention of exploring my creative energies earlier this past week via zoom. I was able to uncover some darkness that had been subconsciously weighing me down and together after talking about how awful that was feeling we decided on “painting out” that sensation that felt like a ginormous heavy brick on the back of my neck. This first painting is the result of that work.

1st session meditation painting

I couldn't be more happier with the final result. It was accomplished after only a handful of additional meditative sessions. Before each painting session I did a brief energy meditation prior and set about only with the intention of sending love and light into that darkness that I felt with no real idea of what was going to happen or where the art would go. 

This painting is like a breath of fresh air and has encouraged me to create my own online class to make this technique available for whoever would like to explore painting out how they feel. <3

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Completed Meditation Painting

 (()5|\/|1( 574|2|>|_|57

Available at auction on OpenSea. The winner will receive the actual painting 



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