First NFT Fuck it Art Drop


First NFT Fuck it Art Drop

"Fuck it" Is and has always been an inherent mantra in my life.

I can't count how many times I have used it, both in meditation and in times of indecision ir when I just needed that extra push to not GAF.

Now you can use this painting as a reminder to take a deep breath and say fuck it.

Saying Fuck it allows you to let go of negative thoughts, people and emotions and is an important part of finding what's beautiful in your life.

This is an original, acrylic painting on stretched canvas.

3' x 3' x 1.5"

The NFT will serve as the official Certificate of Authenticity for this piece.

It is signed on the back

The buyer of the NFT will have the choice of receiving either the actual painting or to receive a video of it being torched in real life. Leaving the painting to forever live on the blockchain.



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