Find the Beautiful (FTB) Rings The What & Why

The What & The Why

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What: Find the Beautiful rings are currently handmade 1.5" round, open circles. Graphics are set on a steel washer with a resin finish. Simple

Each ring is set with the intention to inspire whoever finds it to become aware of and be grateful for what's beautiful in their life. They can be looked through like a viewfinder, worn on a necklace, attached to a keychain or just carried in your pocket. 

Why: To serve as a gentle reminder that Life is Beautiful. Right here, Right now - no matter what you are going through. There is always so much to be thankful for.

The Other Why: It has been pressed upon my heart and spirit to help those hurting. And this message is the vessel. Medicine for the soul as my dear friend describes it.

Other Other Whys: To inspire you to get outside and to live your life with urgency. 

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<3 xoxo Rebecca

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