The Artist

Find the Beautiful is My Heart Song to You. 

Ohio Artist Rebecca Grantham

Hiiii I am Rebecca. Fine Artist, Maker, Mother, Creator, Nature Lover, Forever Sunset Chaser, Element Water, Meditative, Incense Lighting, Star Gazer, Lover of the Light, Cosmic Painter, Yoga, Transcendentalist, Spiritual Sojourner, Path Maker, Fierce Gratitude Appreciation Kindler, Book Nerd, Journal Queen and Pen Aficionado.

  • Creator of Find the Beautiful,
  • Creator of Cathartic Art Adult Coloring Book and
  • Cathartic Art Online Class. Experience the Healing Power of Art & Nature. Paperback is Now Available on Amazon.

Life's mission, to inspire you to live with urgency and appreciate what's beautiful in your life. Find the Beautiful are the words, finally given, to how I see and live life.  I strongly believe that no matter where you are, there is always something to be thankful for and it is both the great and small moments that make life beautiful. 

Born out of a passion for sharing these beautiful little moments that surround us every day with you whether through words, creating a painting or taking a picture or an ftb ring.  Find the Beautiful's Mission is to Serve, as a beacon, a light in the dark. One that can lift you up, inspire you and remind you that there is always something to be thankful for starting right where you are. Life truly is beautiful! You can be happy now.

It is through this inspiration, that original, fine art landscape paintings and artful items are made, with the singular aim to Spark Gratitude!  

I am currently living in Ohio, constantly roaming the Cuyahoga Valley National Parks, Summit County Metroparks and the Cleveland Metroparks 

and please:

So that we may share this journey together and always feel welcome to email me. Rebecca @


 “The sun shines not on us but in us.”
John Muir


Fun Facts:

Definite Bibliophile! I love reading!
Published cover art artist twice
Have sold and shipped original paintings throughout the US and Canada and as far away as Greece
Have been selling art online since 2005 at least... maybe earlier
Nature Lover, Sunset Chaser!! Plein Air Painter
Hopeless Romantic
Have joyfully given away more find the beautiful rings than I can remember or can count