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What's Your Element by Rebecca Van Houte


Cathartic Art
 Find the Beautiful in You!

Experience the Healing Power of Art & Nature
Do you feel like your negative emotions are controlling and ruining your days?
Do you feel like they are running rampant and you have no control over how you feel?
Do you feel like you just can't let go of fear, stress or worry?
Have you been searching for a healthy way to relieve and overcome your negative emotions?
If so, these courses are thoughtfully designed for you.
You can,
Discover the healing Power of Art & Nature through a cathartic art experience.
An experience that allows you to paint out how you are feeling on canvas in color.
There is absolutely **no artistic experience** required or even necessary. This is an exercise in letting out and letting go.
Through guided mantas, visualizations and painting out how you feel. You will experience the cathartic relief of transforming your negative emotions and regaining control of how you feel
Remember the path is here,
but you have to choose to take the steps and actions into a better you today.
In turn creating a more beautiful you tomorrow.
The journey is yours.


This course is now available. You can enroll in one element, purchase a bundle of 3 or the entire 5 Element experience. Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Spirit.


This course is for anyone who is looking for a healthy outlet for their negative emotions.
You will be guided through painting out your emotions on canvas utilizing the power of Nature. 

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