Cathartic Art Coloring Book -PDF or Limited Edition Signed Version- Experience the Healing Power of Art & Nature

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Your Choice of Either "The  Cathartic Art Coloring Book" PDF or Limited Edition Signed Version.

Signed Edition - Limited to 100

Explore and Express Your Emotions One Element at a Time.

Experience Stress Relief by Coloring with a Purpose!

Over 50 HAND DRAWN ARTISTIC PATTERNS TO COLOR From Fine Artist and Creator of Cathartic Art Courses and Find the Beautiful - Rebecca Van Houte.

Experience the Healing Power of Art & Nature

Do you feel like your negative emotions are controlling and ruining your days?

Do you feel like they are running rampant and you have no control over how you feel?

Do you feel like you just can't let go of fear, stress or worry?

Have you been searching for a healthy way to relieve and overcome your negative emotions?

If so, this adult coloring book is for you.

This adult coloring book encourages you to color with a purpose. With over 50 pages of coloring pages.

Featuring drawings of The 5 Elements, - Fire, Water, Earth, Air & Spirit, each encourages you to write down a mantra in the rectangle. Such as “the Fire is Burning Away my fear”. As you color in the page, you keep repeating the mantra. Bringing catharsis to your negative emotions. While the other pages that have varying scripts of Find the Beautiful, are a place for you to write out all the different things you are thankful for. In yourself and in your daily life as you color. Bolstering your gratitude and appreciation.

This coloring book is a stand-alone extension to the Cathartic Art online class. It has over 50 patterns and provides hours of stress relief through creative expression. Featuring flowers, mountains, streams, mandalas, stars, hearts, and the Elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Air & Spirit. Designs range in complexity and detail.

You will Love Coloring this Book with a Purpose.

  • Stress-relieving designs thoughtfully crafted to help you heal from negative emotions.
  • Single-Sided Layout
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Give yourself the gift of cathartic emotional release

This pdf includes 2 instruction pages, an owners page and over 50 coloring pages.

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The example pages shown are examples only. The actual coloring pages will be in black and white and not have the color text on them. This has been done to protect the copyright.

*Be sure to print it single-sided.