47 FTB rings and a whole lotta love giveaway

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47 FTB rings and a whole lotta love giveaway


I am very excited. This is truly the most fun part of being an artist. I have just finished making 47 original, handpainted FTB, find the beautiful rings! This batch includes 36 that have been painted with the same colors and paint, that I used to make Lake Sunset No. 1. and in going forward I plan on making new batches alongside whichever painting I am working on. Using that palettes colors to paint the rings. Offering yet another way to connect you to the artwork and artist.They are ready to be dropped in random locations outside in Nature and to be randomly given away! I can't express the true joy I receive in giving these away. Sometimes I hear from the finders sometimes I don't. Each one is placed with the hope that whoever finds it is meant to find it. And that, that person may need or knows someone who needs a reminder that there is always something to be thankful for in this beautiful, beautiful gift we have called life!

I strongly believe that no matter what you're going through if you look at YOUR LIFE with gratitude, it will begin to open up your heart and eyes to see everything you have to be thankful for and that gratitude will begin to fill your heart and guide you to better moments and better days.

These FTB rings as I call them can be carried in your pocket, worn on a necklace, on a  key chain or however you feel you need to. They can be used as a viewfinder held up and looked through to see what's beautiful in your life. They are little reminder charms in service to you. And it is my hope they can spark gratitude in your heart.

I have been giving these away for years now as early as 2010, I've lost track how many. These 47 rings are free and are excited to be found. I am going to be randomly giving 23 rings away online to subscribers/followers and dropping 24 in Nature. In order to have a chance at winning one of these online you only need to subscribe to my email list , like findthebeautiful on facebook and follow findthebeautiful on instagram for extra chances.

As one dear, long time, findthebeautiful ring early adopter just wrote to me today "It's truly a remarkable life lesson I hope will pass on and I love every second of it!! It will forever serve as a reminder of how you helped open my eyes and for that I truly thank you!!" R.M.

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If you happen upon one I'd love to hear from you via email Rebecca @ findthebeautiful.com , tag me @findthe beautiful on instagram / facebook in a photo or however.

<3 xoxo Rebecca

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