Lake Sunset Painting No. One & Some Updates

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Lake Sunset Painting No. One & Some Updates

When you pour all of your heart and soul into something, magical things happen.

Here is the painting fresh off the easel created from a photo I took over the Summer in Upstate, NY while visiting gorgeous, Lake Ontario that owns a huge portion of my existence. And again I am reminded that what we do with our today, creates our tomorrow. We can Live into our dreams.

Right off the beautiful shores at Chimney Bluffs we got to witness this amazing sunset, in person from start to finish back in July of 2016 nearly 9 months ago. Sunset chasing never gets old and is a beautiful soul quenching experience every time.

To have been able to combine my love of watching & experiencing a sunset along with my love of the area and painting equals the best of ALL worlds.

I am proud to now present Lake Sunset Painting No. 1. Titled simply because the work speaks for itself and I know that it is the beginning of many more to come. These are fresh Spring Pics in the Raw.

Lake Sunset Painting No. 1

Lake Sunset No. 1

30" x 40" Oil on Canvas

Detail of Lake Sunset Painting No. OneDetail No.2 of lake Sunset Painting

 Also for the fun of it. I created this lil matching painting it measures 2.5" x 3.5" oil on canvas. I'm not sure if I am going to keep this lil guy or include it for the seller.

To purchase please follow this link!


Mini Matching Painting

 Alongside creating these works I also have created 36 matching find the beautiful rings and some extras for a grand total of 47 FTB rings to be freely dispersed into Nature and given away online :) Read the full article here.

47 FTB Rings

Up next: I have been Waterfall Wednesdaying and it has done wonders for my creativity and rejuvenation. I want to share that experience with you. As some of you know I have been hiking to the wonderful waterfalls that surround me in North East Ohio taking pics, dropping ftb rings and sucking in the magic. (Follow on snapchat @ftbeautiful )

Now it's time to paint and share these experiences with you and encourage you to get outside in your local area, because I can't tell you how many people I have met and friends I have that wonder where I go and are shocked when I tell them these places are in your backyard in the Cuyahoga Vallery National Park, Summit County Metroparks, and Cleveland Metroparks as well as off the slightly beaten unmarked path. Until then Much Love, Rebecca Subscribe to Follow and for your chance to win your free findthebeautiful ring.

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